Services for companies

If you operate in the electricity, telecommunications, transport, or, actually, almost any industrial sector, then electric and magnetic fields (EMFs) have the potential to be an issue for you. As a minimum, you will have requirements to comply with various exposure limits and standards, relating to your employees, the public, and your products. But for any company, there is a risk of the EMF issue becoming a focus for anxiety and objection, and therefore becoming a problem for your business, whether that is constructing a new power facility or launching a new product.

We can help. We can perform modelling for you and help you present evidence of compliance with the relevant standards and limits. But we are able to do more than that. Successful management of EMFs is not so much a technical issue as a political and a communications issue. Understanding the issues and approaching them in the right way can avoid EMFs ever becoming a major issue; approaching it from a purely technical perspective is likely to make things worse. Our strength is that we understand both parts and can help you with both. We can advise you on strategy and communications. If you want us to, we can write communications material for you, train your staff, or talk to the public on your behalf. And we can do the necessary technical modelling and assessment as well.

Give us a call and we can talk through what your needs are, and together decide whether we are the right people to help you.